Often wrong, never in doubt

JavaFX to take on Flash


A couple of weeks ago Sun released its own Rich Internet Applications (RIA) platform, JavaFX. After having toyed around with it for a while the biggest problem I've encountered is that most examples you find on the net are already out of date. The examples are built with preview releases and much has changed since then. So, if you have a JavaFX example online please make sure it is up-to-date. This will make it easier for people new to JavaFX to get started.

Brussels' Best Beats Brought By Brussels' Best Band


If you thought that In Belgium we speak Dutch, French and German you were wrong! In a country occupied by other people and cultures for most of our history our languages have mixed and matched for hundreds of years! Where Dutch meets French originates Brussels and "De Fanfaar" is proud to present you its second single Tellevees.

Design Consequences


A couple of weeks ago I read about the design consequences exercise and thought it would be interesting to try it out. Since we're at the start of the development of a smallish site this was a good opportunity to see what we could learn from that exercise.

How I Prepared

Sitesnap Website Thumbnail Generator


A little while ago I helped on a drupal project that wanted website thumbnails on their "links" page. For this they used the websnapr module but instead of showing bubbles they showed a nice thumbnail next to the link. Often when using someone else's technology I wonder how difficult it would be to do it myself and in this case, with the open source gecko and webkit engines it shouldn't be too difficult.

gtimelog on Windows


After reading this develoop blog entry I wondered if gtimelog would work on windows. After finding and installing all the puzzle pieces I can say it does! Here's how: