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JavaFX to take on Flash


A couple of weeks ago Sun released its own Rich Internet Applications (RIA) platform, JavaFX. After having toyed around with it for a while the biggest problem I've encountered is that most examples you find on the net are already out of date. The examples are built with preview releases and much has changed since then. So, if you have a JavaFX example online please make sure it is up-to-date. This will make it easier for people new to JavaFX to get started.

Secondly it's also not clear when a Linux version will be available. Maybe there are more computers running Windows but I think that Linux developers are more vocal about open technologies and I also think it would add quite some geek-cred to JavaFX when it becomes available for Linux.

Thirdly it seems there is some important functionality missing from the 1.0 release. The first application I wanted to develop was a multi-upload application where you can drop the files on the applet but it seems it is not possible to detect drop events.

Anyway, if you want to help spread JavaFX make sure to update your plugin and jre to the latest version. If you're a talented developer I think it's important to start providing alternatives for Flash applications like sIFR, peel away ads and everything else you can think of that already exists in Flash.